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Meet Janna and Graeme. After a decade-long tango (together, apart, together, apart), they’re back in love—but the stress of 9-to-5 is seriously hampering their happiness. So they quit their jobs, tie the knot, and untie the lines on a beat-up old sailboat for a most unusual honeymoon: a two-year voyage across the Pacific. But the passage from first date to first mate is anything but smooth sailing.

From the rugged Pacific Northwest coast to the blue lagoons of Polynesia to bustling Asian ports, Janna and Graeme find themselves at the mercy of poachers, under the spell of cross-dressers, and under the gun of a less-than-sober tattooist. And they encounter intimate secrets about each other, difficult truths about love, and do-or-die moments that threaten their safety, their sanity, and their marriage.

The Motion of the Ocean gives readers a satisfying mix of adventure, soul-searching, and romantic comedy. Join Janna and Graeme on their 17,000-mile journey and their quest to resolve the uncertainties so many couples face: How do you know if you’ve really found the One? How do you balance commitment to others while preserving space for yourself? And, when the waters get rough, do you jump ship, or do you learn to navigate the world . . . together?

Janna’s other work appears in anthologies and magazines.

She also blogs for the Seattle P-I at Happily Even After.

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“Love at sea was the idea when Esarey and her newly minted husband decided to honeymoon in a beat-up old sailboat on a trip across the Pacific. Eight hundred and thirteen hilarious, treacherous and, yes, romantic days later, she comes to some serious conclusions. Let's just say you'll be wildly entertained and glad to be on solid ground.”

- Publishers Weekly,
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