Published in SAIL:

  1. “Night Watch,” October 2006

Published in Blue Water Sailing:

  1. “Men are from Starboard, Women are from Port,” July 2009

  2. “Hauling in the By-lines: Six Tips to Turn Cruising into Writing,”

  3. June 2009

  4. “Mom and Me,” October 2005

Forthcoming in Latitudes & Attitudes:

  1. “Frits’ Green Box Theory”

Published in Latitudes & Attitudes:

  1. “Baja Humbug! It Takes a Scrooge to Sail to the South Pacific” reprint, March 2005

  2. “30 Gifts that will make a Cruiser Croon,” December 2004

Published in 48 North:

  1. It Takes a Scrooge to Sail to the South Pacific,” December 2003

Published in Cruising World:

  1. “Wallis Island: A picture postcard,” July 2009

Janna is a regular contributor to Cruising World’s People & Food section:

  1. “A Hard Transition Home,” with recipe for Wahoo-sabi Salmon, January 2008

  2. “The Secret’s Out on Skipjack,” with recipe for Tangy Temaki Sushi, June 2006

  3. “A Magical Migrating Feast,” with recipe for Curry Pumpkin Soup, December 2004


My interview in Redbook is here!

The humorous true story of a woman who abandons her tidy life to chase love across the Pacific—only to find that navigating the world is easier than keeping her relationship off the rocks.

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Published in The Writer:

  1. “The Motion of a Notion: How I Sold my Nonfiction Book Idea with a Successful Book Proposal,” July 2009

Curious how to pronounce my name? It’s easy. 
JAN-nuh Course ES-uh-ree
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