1. More Sand in my Bra: Funny Women Write from the Road, Again!

  2.         Travelers’ Tales, 2007

  3. Following on the heels of the best-selling Sand in My Bra, this award-winning sequel is a collection of hilarious women's travel stories. From Australia to Zambia and everywhere in between, these true stories are full of bust-a-gut laughter. Nothing helps a travel story more than something going wrong — the frustration, embarrassment, and inconvenience provide great material for stories once the anguish has faded. The adventurers here encounter just about every unexpected mishap imaginable.

  4. “Hooray for the next collection of travel stories, this bunch even funnier than the last. Clever, witty stories from famous names, but the real stars of the collection come from the less well-known . . . the likes of Janna Cawrse and Susan Reinhardt, to name a few. Want some chuckles? Grab a copy and check out ‘Thar She Blows!’"

  5.         - 4 stars! Amazon Reviews

  1. What Color is your Jockstrap?: Funny Men & Women Write from the Road

  2.         Travelers’ Tales, 2006

  3. “The [‘Underwear Empire’] series covers the gamut of travel experiences--from funnywoman Ellen DeGeneres analyzing seemingly simple details like seat position that we obsess about during flights in ‘The Plane Truth’ (Sand in My Bra) to Janna Cawrse describing the art of travelers helping soothe the sea urchin quill-embedded foot of a friend in ‘Pissing on Dave’s Feet’ (What Color is Your Jockstrap?). Bizarre stories often make the best stories.”

  4.         - “ Traveling by Misadventure,” Carly’s Corner Book Reviews

  5. “As with her three previous volumes, including Sand in My Bra and Other Misadventures, editor and travel junkie Jennifer Leo has assembled a series of thirty-five wanderlust-related anecdotes from a number of writers. This time, she decided to add the male perspective with twenty of the short stories presented, and the result inevitably makes for a more diverse collection of experiences. It helps that Leo has recruited several first-rank writers such as Tim Cahill, who contributes a fitfully funny story about his fear of freshwater lakes related to a boyhood memory of snapping turtles.”

  6.         - 4 stars! Amazon Reviews

  1. Imprint 2006

  2.         Hong Kong Women in Publishing Society, 2006

  3. “For a snapshot of Hong Kong from a wholly female perspective, Imprint 2006, the annual anthology of the Women in Publishing Society, is a trove of poetry, humour, travel, essays and short stories from 39 women. There’s much to enjoy...”

  4.         -  South China Morning Post (read the review here)

  1. Sweat & the City: Stories and Poems from the Hong Kong Workplace

  2.         Hong Kong Writers’ Circle, 2006

  3. “Sweat & The City” is an outstanding collection of Hong Kong short stories that inspires the budding writer and rewards readers."

  4.         - 4 stars! South China Morning Post (read the review here)

  5. “Janna Cawrse captures in ‘Attendant’ some sharp observations about the cultural fiscal divide papered over by the pretenses of respectability that money tries to buy.”

  6.         - South China Morning Post


The humorous true story of a woman who abandons her tidy life to chase love across the Pacific—only to find that navigating the world is easier than keeping her relationship off the rocks.

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