Are you in a book club?

I’d love to meet with you!

All you need to do is send me an email.

From there we can decide on a time to meet or Skype.

And if you’re wondering what writers read, or you’re looking for your next good book, I share my favorites twice a year. You can sign up below or look at my archives:

Fall/Winter 2011

Spring 2011

Thanks to these book clubs for reading MOTO.

(If I’ve missed your book group, shoot me an email and I’ll add you to the list.)

  1. Karolyn’s OLA (Oceans, Lit, & Art) book club, Olympia, WA

  2. Laura’s book club, Twin Cities

  3. Karen’s book club, Seattle, WA

  4. Alicia’s book club, Gig Harbor, WA

  5. Kathy’s “Book Ends” book club, Mercer Island, WA

  6. Linda’s book club, Redmond, WA

  7. Sault Ste. Marie Public Library System, winter book clubs, Ontario, Canada

  8. Tracy’s book club, Seattle, WA

  9. Readers Without Borders, Bellingham, WA

  10. Heather’s book club, Long Island, NY

  11. Judy’s 2nd book club, Seattle, WA (since the first group was so fun)

  12. Page Turners book club, CA

  13. Debi’s book club, Morris County, NJ

  14. Kathleen’s book club, Cincinatti, OH

  15. Carolyn’s book club, Charlottesville, VA

  16. Janna’s book club, Fall City, WA (yes, there’s another “Janna” in the world)

  17. Alison’s book club, Kirkland, WA

  18. Jen’s book club, Seattle, WA (they met on a boat!)

  19. Lori’s book club, Olympia, WA

  20. Julie’s book club, Seattle, WA

  21. Kerri’s book club, Seattle, WA

  22. Amy’s book club, Portland, OR

  23. City of Sammammish Employees book club, Sammammish, WA

  24. Karen’s book club, Portland, OR

  25. Monica’s book club, Denver, CO (yet another one!)

  26. Carol’s book club, Kennett Square, PA

  27. Judy’s book club, Bellevue, WA

  28. Liz’s book club, Corvallis, OR

  29. Mike’s book club, Portland, OR

  30. Carolyn’s book club, Bellingham, WA

  31. Jessica’s book club, Issaquah, WA

  32. Monica’s book club, Denver, CO (a different one!)

  33. Seattle Yacht Club book club, Seattle, WA

  34. Susan’s book club, Kirkland, WA

  35. Jennifer’s book club, Portland, OR

  36. Wendy’s book club, Seattle, WA

  37. Monica’s book club, Denver, CO

  38. Another Monica’s book club, Golden, B.C., Canada

  39. Shirl’s book club, Keyport, WA

  40. Erika’s book club, Red Deer, Alberta, Canada

  41. Marianne’s book club, Whitefish, MT

  42. Jennifer’s book club, Fountain Valley, CA

  43. Shauna’s book club, Bainbridge Island, WA

  44. J.U.L.I.E.T.S. book club, Virginia Beach, VA

  45. Laura’s book club, Bellingham, WA

  46. Shanna’s two book clubs, Seattle, WA - Their motto: “Well-behaved women rarely make history”

  47. Amy’s book club, Bend, OR

  48. Marilyn’s book club, Wausau, WI

  49. Sarah’s book club, Renton, WA

  50. Jen and Nick’s book club, Portland, OR

  51. Mom and Jeannine’s combo book clubs, Seattle, WA

Pre-publication book clubs

- Simon & Schuster’s in-house book club, New York, NY

- Garfield Book Company book club, Parkland, WA

- My very own book club, Seattle, WA

*The fine print: Taking part in this offer confirms my right to use your photo on this and related sites, e.g. Facebook and my blog.

Oh, and here’s a conversation inspired by MOTO. Just for fun . . .


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