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The Rock Song

As a girl she was superstitious, found ringed rocks and made three wishes

Threw them over her shoulder as blind as three mice

When she wished, she wished for him, happiness on a boy was pinned

‘Til a voice started whisperin’ you better think twice

And she learned,

I found this rock, I found it for me

Picked it up by the edge of the sea

Rough edges smoothing with the surf

How can you know how far a stone can throw

The deeper well, the deeper I grow

Closer to you the more I’m myself

With his dad he oft’ was fishin’, for a good catch he was wishin’

Why did he let that one get away

Moved his life across the world, learned of love from other girls

But from his shore he kept casting for more her way

And he learned,

I hold this rock, hold it for me

Picked it up by the edge of the sea

Rough edges smoother with every wave

How can you know how far a stone can skip

Bridging borders, bridging lips

Closer to you the more that we change

The charm it comes with the third, mountains scaled and lessons learned

The tide of life and love it ebbs and it flows

Quicksilver lightening flash burns down to embers and ash

But wind fans the flame of love and it glows

And it grows

I bring this rock, bring it for you

Picked it up by the green and the blue

Ocean that’s beckoning us to sail

And now we’ll know how far a dream can go

My wish for you I’m sure you know is a life of love and all it entails

“The Rock Song”

Lyrics and original tune by Janna Cawrse © 2003

Arrangement, Music, and Vocals by Sean Stanley © 2003


Here’s the love song.

The one in the book. I wrote it for our wedding day. Thank you, Sean Stanley (pictured below), for arranging it and playing it so beautifully at our reception.


This highly entertaining debut memoir follows thirty-something journalist Esarey and her new husband, Graeme, on a 17,000-mile journey around the Pacific Ocean in their small sailboat. Before they leave, countless married friends tell them, "If your relationship can survive this, it can survive anything." It doesn’t take the nautically challenged Esarey long to realize just how true the warning is. A well-written, rollicking high-seas adventure, this will appeal to anyone who enjoys a good love story.”

- Library Journal

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